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At times in our lives, we are forced or chose to move.
I have been having a problem with my old home has developed a large integration with it’s carrier Google.
The site has become very complicated. And instead of just popping on and sharing with you, I find I am a part of a sci-fi circle and all kinds of folks, some that do not reflect my views or interest, are paging me.
I will try wordpress and see if that is a bit more user friendly.
I HOPE I manage to keep in touch with my readers.

Have a good day. and hope to hear from you.    PATTY-ANNE…..

God has a sense of humour


God has a sense of humour when he decides 2 people are meant to be.
I was a divorce with 2 children. My ex husband had been a mechanic with kleptomania.

There was enough stuff in my basement to build a D8 Cat.
Friends from my church came over and we boxed all the stuff.

And I put an add in the paper so I could sell the stuff and reclaim my basement.
Well the only reply I got was from a fellow who could not afford to pay me.

He asked if he could secure it with $10 and pay it off monthly. I had no other customers, so I said yes.

I started to take his three sons to Sunday School and other Church outings.He made me promise not to convert them.Sierra Exif JPEG

I promised but did not promise anyone else would not convert them. I am pleased to say they all accepted the Lord.
By this time Jim had fallen in love with me, his boys adored me, and I was fostering tender feelings for him.
I could not be unequally yoked so would not accept his proposal of marriage.
More time went by. Things started getting very difficult for Jim, One of my friends said she was fed up reasoning with him, she would stand back and let the Lord sort him out while she prayed. He phoned me one day,said “tell Sue to stop praying, I am ready already.”. Jim accepted the Lord. With the backing of our Baptist Church members we married.

So now I had a new husband 3 more sons and all the junk I had sold to him, and never got paid for, but got his junk as well.
We had twenty wonderful years together until cancer claimed him.
But as a dedicated neat freak, I married four of the most unorganized male creatures, with all their junk. So you can’t tell me God does not have a sense of humour.

Sierra Exif JPEG

Sierra Exif JPEG

A Day in My Life on The Farm.


I was just asked what my life was like while I still worked at home. So I tried to walk through a day in my life.

This wasn’t taking into account the haying season, planting season and calving season or butchering . But basically here it is

We had Fairbridge Farms. 1080 acres and 500 head of Ayrshires.
We got up at 5 had a quick coffee went to the barn and started milking. Then we went down for a hot breakfast.
After that all the milking equipment had to be washed. The calved had to be fed. Little ones on a bottle Then the barn was cleaned. By this time it was dinner time.
A hot 3 course meal my mom would have ready We had 2 hired and my step dad , his partner and me.
We had an hour after lunch. the men would nap while mom and I did dishes. No dishwasher here.
After break there was either plowing, seeding, threshing depending on the season and the irrigation would have to be moved. I would take hay on the cart and tractor and feed the steers and heifers.
Special care would be taken to feed the bull.  And early milk from a newly calved cow would be mixed with hog mash for the pigs
There was equipment maintenance, sterilizing the miking parlor turning the calves out for graze, call for AI if a cow was “bulling”.
Something always needed painting oiling weeding.The hay for the next day was tossed down. Sick call for any animal that need attention.
As each cow was milk It’s milk was weighed and logged and when she started to dry, taken out of the line and hopefully an new calved cow was ready to go in so production would be steady.
Don’t forget the field work . We spread the cow muck on the fields, then it was plow in, broken up, seeded, watered till it was ready then if hayed it was threshed and turned the next day and then baled and taken off the field to the barn and up the elevator to the top of the barn.
We hired local teenages to help with this work. But I drove the big truck.
Some where along here you would brake a sheer pin and some one would have to run into town and get some new ones.
The oats were harvested with the harvester then the straw cut down and baled.
We had supper at 6 and then for me it was laundry duty. A big roller iron would all the pants and sheets and all flat things.
I would be responsible for waxing the curved stair case in the hallway.
If I wasn’t ironing, I had the sewing machine out and did the mending and made all mom and mine’s clothes.
Bed time was 9 and I would read a bit or write. This was in 1959 and I was paid $1,65 an hour and my keep. They temporary workers who helped hay were paid $.2,00 an hour in cash every night.and furnace. 
In this time, the men would be hauling and cutting wood for the stove, repairing equipment, and working on the books.
On Sunday we did as little as possible, but we were in church at 10 AM.


OH Canada…. our hearts bleed for you.


In the beginning, we had several large well working institutes to house the challenged, ( mentally and physically) These people were long term residents of these facilities. The formed families and relationships. They had show standard her
ds of cattle, had gardens that not only fed themselves but also sold enough to buy what the did not produce themselves. They had side industries, sewing, knitting, spinning weaving, just to name a few. They were Esendale, Riverview, and the jewel of the crown, Colony farms. These are now pricey homes and high rises.
Now as you can imagine, these were on prime pieces of real estate.
Somewhere along the way, someone decided that these people should be ” mainstreamed”
relationships, friendships, purpose and jobs were ripped from them, they were scattered in the lower mainland and Victoria, 2 months room rent on a squalid room was paid, then a cheque for $900 a month would arrive.
These people were from an environment where cooks trained from their numbers would put wholesome food on the table that they had produced.
Clothes came fresh and clean and mended from the laundry staffed by their fellows.
Now the were in a world they did not fit or understand.
No friends, no leaders, no backup. just pain of loneliness malnutrition, poverty and abuse.
Then the pushers moved in and said ” hey man take this pill smoke this dope, you won’t care that you are sick, the pain will go away… so did their $900 a month, then the landlord kicked them to the streets.Not because he was evil, they could not pay their rent.
Now the victims are not only disorientated, they are on drugs.
We NOW have a homeless problem.
Some found cheap rooms , shared , or made do. THEN expo came along. The cheap rooms were emptied, a slick coat pf paint and a new bedspread and we welcomed the world to view our Expo. And we had a homeless problem. So the government made a rule that the could not be in the Expo area till it was over because they were a problem,
Same crap, same story. Why do we allow slum landlords, Why do we allow profit off the backs of the poor and confuse.
We send foreign aid, thousands, millions, in fact.
Let’s start sending local aid. Go back a couple of generations and some of these street people are your cousins, dad’s, moms, even brothers and sisters.
You would not let them kick you dog. Stand up for you fellow CANADIANS.
. Then things got to about where they are today.. slum lords made money, people lived in places that would be unfit for animals, and we had the \Olympics. Guess what happened to the cheap rooms. Another coat of paint a chair and a bedspread and we welcomed the world, but the homeless had to stay out of the way, they were an embarrassment. The world raved about Vancouver and \Victoria and we hid our homeless.
Nature took it course. They developed families and children were born, the problem is in our schools now. The homeless children are mixing with your kids, of ” bugs” And now we have the homeless problem.
we have mental health issues, we have drug addiction.We have homeless.
Tell me, if you were sleeping on the street, had no home, your very bones hurt, you were in the depths of despair and a little pill or a smoke could make it go away for a few hours, would you do it? Are taking anti depressants, arthritis meds, painkillers for that darn back? Then you are a druggy. The only difference is you started with a home.
That is the situation. NOW LETS START SOLVING IT..
Port Alberni has a program of acquiring old trailers and fixing them up and starting a trailer park for re homing. Mini villages can be created from those long haul trailer, Mini homes can be built.
BUT someone has to start…..
Go on.., I challenge you.

We welcome all Enthusiasts of Art and Crafts on the West shore and Southern Vancouver Island


Juan De Fuca Arts and Crafts Guild

About Membership:

Our year membership year runs from Sept 1 to Aug 31 and is payable before the September general meeting each year.

The Guild has 5 general meeting per year, and since policies are drafted and voted on at these meetings, all members are expected to attend.

To facilitate the interaction of people with similar interests,our Guild also meets in groups. Each group meets regularly and has a coordinator to facilitate connection between groups. Members may participate in as many groups as they wish.

The Guild Newsletter is published five time s a year, prior to the meetings.

We sponsor or participate in several events throughout the year. Members are expected to provide “service” to the Guild to qualify to take part in sales events.

Service can be demonstrations at meetings or events,  teaching a workshop, clerical or administrator tasks. organizing events or other activities.

We strive to have…

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What to do while waiting for Spring.


I hate winter. I do not ski, board, toboggan or skate. My feet are always cold and I get depressed with the dark gloomy days and grey overcast skies.

I do love to read. And by reading I have come across some interesting articles mostly about Frugal Living.By always being short of money makes me embrace anything that is a cheaper way of doing things and avoiding waste.

I have eliminated all cleaning products in my house other that laundry soap and vinegar and dryer ballsSierra Exif JPEG

Vinegar is a magic liquid.

For the office:

Your computer, printer, fax machine, and other home office gear will work better if you keep them clean and dust-free. Before you start cleaning, make sure that all your equipment is shut off. Now mix equal parts white vinegar and water in a bucket. Dampen a clean cloth in the solution — never use a spray bottle; you don’t want to get liquid on the circuits inside — then squeeze it out as hard as you can, and start wiping. Keep a few cotton swabs on hand for getting to the buildups in tight spaces (like around the keys of your keyboard).

Don’t forget the phone and the mouth piece of your cell for a wipe with vinegar.

A person with smelly feet willbenegit from soaking feet in vinegar and water then carefully dry them. It the shoes or boots smell, cut a potato in half and put half in each shoe/boot. It will leave the smelling like new just over night.

I use it for everything from cleaning the kitchens, the windows, the wall, and the fridge. A good link for this is

I use it to clean my fridge. Far more effective that baking soda. Once I clean the fridge I organize.

One wonderful trick I have learned is to keep crisp for 2 weeks of more. Frost free fridges suck the moisture out of produce. Even in a plastic bag.

So after I have water and spun my lettuce, I store it in a large jar in the fridge. I snap the bottom off because metal knives make lettuce go brown. Pop on the lid and safe crisp storageLettuce in jar
Read more:


Another neat trick, is salads. I loves salads, but the limp little puddles in a plastic container does not do it for me.

I get a sealer with lid, put salad dressing in the bottom, then add lettuce, cauliflower, cucumber,tomato, cold boiled egg, nuts. Put the top on and leave in the fridge.

When you want your lunch or dinner, turn upside down a couple of times to distribute the dressing and a lovely fresh cheap salads. The stay cooler than their plastic counter parts and you are more likely to be taken home.

And if yo run lout of glasses this summer, the jars make excellent sturdy drinking glasses.

I will try top get busy with my blog again.

I will talk to you about a lasagna garden


Summer Wedding Trip. July 2013


We went to Smithers  (our final destination) on our summer holidays.

Ewan loaded up the 5th wheel after scrubbing, packing, washing. I just put out what  what I needed and he stowed it away.

We live on an Island and have to take a ferry off.

The sorted jaded look ticketer, look at our unit and said how long? Ewan said 34 ft. She got out her little measuring contraption and said no 44 feet, so charged us $220.

Well that was a bit more than I expected , however we don’t have an option with BC Ferries.

They have offered to look into it if I send the receipts in.

The trip up the Fraser Canyon was interesting. It always amazes me how the Caribou Route was ever achieved in those far back years.

We reached Williams Lake the first night. There the vacant camp site for competitors is used as a camp site for tourists. A good value at $34 for site, water, sewer, electricity and wifi. They have pay showers $1.00 for eight minutes, and a washer dryer.

We arrived at second youngest son Cameron and Deanna Lea’s 160 acre farm in Fort St. John.
They have goats, sheep, horses, chickens, bunnies, and a couple of personality turkeys. Tom will squat in front of you and fluff  his feathers till you scratch his head. Then his wattles go from red to whitish blue.Image


 It is a wonderful

place to raise their children, Saxon and Aurora. Aurora is a real cowgirl.

Looks like her brother will be a singing cowboyImage

We spent a couple of days and had a big supper with the Boys Aunt Marion and her partner Dallas. Later her son Ryan and his fiance came over and a good family gathering was had. It should be mentions, the meat, 4 veggies and potatoes were all raised on the farm.
They have named it Summers End Farm

We left the following day to Journey to Smithers  where the middle son Duncan Lea was marrying the love of his life Corina Brewer.

The trip was not without some excitement. The first 5th wheel tire popped on the steepest hill going out of Fort St John.

All laid too and soon had it changed. The second blow out was a bit more dramatic. We were in the middle of nowhere, 132 km from Prince George.
The 5th wheel was unloaded and Ewan, Marion and Dallas wet to Prince George, purchase a new tire and get it mounted and return to our stranded position. I had the youngest son Chris and my little dog Chelsea.
The trip took most of five hours and we were on the edge of the bank rocking with every passing vehicle.
We were down to just two bottles of water when the bear came out of the bush.
we were now on the side of a busy road locked in a 5th wheel with little water.

I sprayed Chelsea sith my bottle to keep her from stressing. It was with relief when the troops arrived back with the wheel and a new tire.
We stayed at Kerry Lake that night.

I assume it was a logging camp in the 50’s. We found machinery from that era and also a mystery.Image

In the bush, we discovered a First Nations/Catholic marker with either 3 memorials or three graves.


We ended up, after a brief stop in Prince George to purchase another tire and have it mounted.

We ended up in Smithers in the early evening as did some of the other family and guest.

We parked the 5th wheel, hugged, bride to be, grand children and met up with another aunt of the boys from New Zealand. Denise Gerrard.


She was under the weather with a cold, but managed to pull herself together for the wedding and the long drive back to Vancouver Island.

The wedding had been orchestrated to perfection.

The men went to a local hotel and did a bit of partying. The following day the men folk went to the golf links, while the women went to hair appointments, and make-up and dressing. 

In due course, we all arrived at the lovely heritage church in


The wedding was beautiful and was followed by a catered BBQ in the yard where Duncan and Corina live.

Cam lea Several Lea Families the new beginning

Where has my year gone?


I have just read my own blog and I am amazed and embarrassed at how long it has been since I posted.
I apologize for my laziness.

Since I last talked to you , I have developed my knitting business and dryer ball sales. I have 35 fleece at the wool mill being prepped into roving.

I have done a lot on spinnin on my Indian head Spinner and am making very heavy yarn similar to Chiefton and White Buffalo. I have an order for 40 hats in varying natural colour combinations.I think I am around 16 at the moment.Image

The Saanich Historical Artifacts Society project is going well in the Fibre Loft.

I am getting some commercial sites wanting to sell my dryer balls, so I have been busy making those.Sierra Exif JPEG

I have branched out and done a few baby sweaters just for a break of pace.

2013-02-25 14.25.29 2013-04-06 19.33.56I enjoyed selling some of my home dyed yarn. It is so much fun to dye

and see the results of your own imagination.

Sierra Exif JPEG

I Have been working with Chelsea , my little Chi-chon. She has been certified as a diabetes dog ( I am hypoglycemic) . She loves to be challenged, so I think I will take her into agility training this year.


 She is always ready to help with my fibre. What a partner!

I have been experimenting with a type of fascinator. It is a piece of wearable art. You can use if in the hair, around the wrist or on a ribbon around the neck.

It is the type of thing that says, Hay Look At Me!!!

2013-04-07 17.30.31 2013-04-20 15.44.22 2013-04-20 15.45.072013-04-20 15.44.40A few other bits I have tried are2013-04-06 19.33.56 2013-04-06 19.35.14 2013-04-09 13.08.07 Have a good summer and take a look at a couple of video’s from Artifacts

2013-04-17 10.09.09 2013-05-28 10.04.47