New Home


At times in our lives, we are forced or chose to move.
I have been having a problem with my old home has developed a large integration with it’s carrier Google.
The site has become very complicated. And instead of just popping on and sharing with you, I find I am a part of a sci-fi circle and all kinds of folks, some that do not reflect my views or interest, are paging me.
I will try wordpress and see if that is a bit more user friendly.
I HOPE I manage to keep in touch with my readers.

Have a good day. and hope to hear from you.    PATTY-ANNE…..


About Lea Wisdom

I am a fairly happy college educated, widow. A mother of two dependent dogs and successfully raised 6 children to adults I am a science and history loving nerd by nature, print junkie, yarn hording, spinning, weaving,coffee drinking, hand and machine knitting student of life. I make my living from Income Tax Preparations, and the sale of fibre produced goods. Knitting Dryer balls, felting, and yarn. I work with sheep and alpaca fibres and I am constantly learning. I feel like a sponge. There are so many interesting things to learn and do. I hope I have enough time to try them all. I am fortunate that my sons encourage me to try everything that peeks my interest. I have friends who help me learn. Thank you . All of you. Not a complicated person. What you see is what you get. I love the Lord, my family, my country and my friends. I believe we all have the right to dignity. And we only have one trip through life.Let's make the most of it.

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  1. This is nice. I will try to keep up a little better with FB. Let’s face it Patti-anne, we are getting older in our bodies, but our spirits are still young and rarin’ to go. *hugs* & *tugs*. Synn

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