Projects and Things

 I started this week by renewing my First Aid Training, and I am happy to say I have passed. So I am good for another 3 years.
It is funny how methods come in and out or training procedures, we are back to back thump for choking, and back thump and compression alternately for infant choking. I would advise everyone to get at least a Standard First Aid Certification, for you your family and those you care for.
My instructor introduced me to , among other things, a new type of fire extinguisher. It is type A B C D K and is called “Cold Fire.” there  is a good you tube video on it at
So as Spring approached, it is a good time to check out fire extinguishers ( If they are the standard type, they need a good shaking to make sure the powder doesn’t pack.) And change batteries on your CO detector and smoke alarm.
A few things this week. One of my beautiful Granddaughters celebrated her 11th birthday.
Here she is with her Mom. Dad, and baby sister on Castle hill on a visit to Newfoundland.
She will soon become one of those hormone riddle creatures we lovingly call a **teen**.
I am doing some knitting this week.
I have a pair if socks on the go . I do the toe up version on one needle. I use Judy’s magic cast on and end up with Estonia cast off. both are on you tube.
I love the self striping sock wool. It makes such interesting patterns.I have started a sweater for myself. I an using Lodi Iceland wool.It is nearly finished.
We had a Spin In a few weeks ago, and I took the sweater to “show and tell” It is a fishermans sweater  hand spun  from Jacob, with lost of lanolin left in it. It is meant for a work sweater. I put a bit of Alpaca around the neck for a touch of softness.

Weaving Bull Kelp

On a Valentines lunch to Point No Point I found some interesting weaving. This is bull Kelp. there is plenty of it on the West coast of Vancouver Island.
I will have to take my collection basket.



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