Lorna Margaret (Colwell) Allen


           A few months ago, we had some weaving equipment and a an antique loom donated
to SHAS.                      www.shas.ca

We have some other pieces and some spinning wheels, sewing machines
knitting machine and a sock machine.
So we have decided to set up a workable fibre loft in the new lay out of the
museum. We will be able to teach and share hands on with interested people.

The loom and all it’s treasures are stored in the museum loft at the moment until we get the permanent home arranged and ready to receive its bounty.

I was delighted this weekend when a lady and her daughter made themself
known to me as I WAS demonstrating machine knitting. The lady was
Sharon Hillcoat ,and her daughter. Sharon is the  daughter of Lorna Margaret (Colwell) Allen .

It seems like the main loom and other piece were donated by her 97 year old
She is now in a nursing home, but is delighted that the loom she dressed 6
children from, will live again.

She sent me some awesome pictures . These represent the stored items, and the former owner Lorna Margaret (Colwell) Allen who wrote the book

“Thursday’s daughter” which chronicles her life in India.

      So ladies of the Victoria Hand Weavers and Spinners Guild and the folks from Fibre friends of  |Juan De Fuca Arts and Craft Guild,

   we have  a job to do and we would like to open the Textile loft by mid September, so I guess we need a couple of work bee’s.


About Lea Wisdom

I am a fairly happy college educated, widow. A mother of two dependent dogs and successfully raised 6 children to adults I am a science and history loving nerd by nature, print junkie, yarn hording, spinning, weaving,coffee drinking, hand and machine knitting student of life. I make my living from Income Tax Preparations, and the sale of fibre produced goods. Knitting Dryer balls, felting, and yarn. I work with sheep and alpaca fibres and I am constantly learning. I feel like a sponge. There are so many interesting things to learn and do. I hope I have enough time to try them all. I am fortunate that my sons encourage me to try everything that peeks my interest. I have friends who help me learn. Thank you . All of you. Not a complicated person. What you see is what you get. I love the Lord, my family, my country and my friends. I believe we all have the right to dignity. And we only have one trip through life.Let's make the most of it.

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