Where has my year gone?


I have just read my own blog and I am amazed and embarrassed at how long it has been since I posted.
I apologize for my laziness.

Since I last talked to you , I have developed my knitting business and dryer ball sales. I have 35 fleece at the wool mill being prepped into roving.

I have done a lot on spinnin on my Indian head Spinner and am making very heavy yarn similar to Chiefton and White Buffalo. I have an order for 40 hats in varying natural colour combinations.I think I am around 16 at the moment.Image

The Saanich Historical Artifacts Society project is going well in the Fibre Loft.

I am getting some commercial sites wanting to sell my dryer balls, so I have been busy making those.Sierra Exif JPEG

I have branched out and done a few baby sweaters just for a break of pace.

2013-02-25 14.25.29 2013-04-06 19.33.56I enjoyed selling some of my home dyed yarn. It is so much fun to dye

and see the results of your own imagination.

Sierra Exif JPEG

I Have been working with Chelsea , my little Chi-chon. She has been certified as a diabetes dog ( I am hypoglycemic) . She loves to be challenged, so I think I will take her into agility training this year.


 She is always ready to help with my fibre. What a partner!

I have been experimenting with a type of fascinator. It is a piece of wearable art. You can use if in the hair, around the wrist or on a ribbon around the neck.

It is the type of thing that says, Hay Look At Me!!!

2013-04-07 17.30.31 2013-04-20 15.44.22 2013-04-20 15.45.072013-04-20 15.44.40A few other bits I have tried are2013-04-06 19.33.56 2013-04-06 19.35.14 2013-04-09 13.08.07 Have a good summer and take a look at a couple of video’s from Artifacts   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z-2WnA6oHcE&feature=em-upload_owner


2013-04-17 10.09.09 2013-05-28 10.04.47


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