OH Canada…. our hearts bleed for you.


In the beginning, we had several large well working institutes to house the challenged, ( mentally and physically) These people were long term residents of these facilities. The formed families and relationships. They had show standard her
ds of cattle, had gardens that not only fed themselves but also sold enough to buy what the did not produce themselves. They had side industries, sewing, knitting, spinning weaving, just to name a few. They were Esendale, Riverview, and the jewel of the crown, Colony farms. These are now pricey homes and high rises.
Now as you can imagine, these were on prime pieces of real estate.
Somewhere along the way, someone decided that these people should be ” mainstreamed”
relationships, friendships, purpose and jobs were ripped from them, they were scattered in the lower mainland and Victoria, 2 months room rent on a squalid room was paid, then a cheque for $900 a month would arrive.
These people were from an environment where cooks trained from their numbers would put wholesome food on the table that they had produced.
Clothes came fresh and clean and mended from the laundry staffed by their fellows.
Now the were in a world they did not fit or understand.
No friends, no leaders, no backup. just pain of loneliness malnutrition, poverty and abuse.
Then the pushers moved in and said ” hey man take this pill smoke this dope, you won’t care that you are sick, the pain will go away… so did their $900 a month, then the landlord kicked them to the streets.Not because he was evil, they could not pay their rent.
Now the victims are not only disorientated, they are on drugs.
We NOW have a homeless problem.
Some found cheap rooms , shared , or made do. THEN expo came along. The cheap rooms were emptied, a slick coat pf paint and a new bedspread and we welcomed the world to view our Expo. And we had a homeless problem. So the government made a rule that the could not be in the Expo area till it was over because they were a problem,
Same crap, same story. Why do we allow slum landlords, Why do we allow profit off the backs of the poor and confuse.
We send foreign aid, thousands, millions, in fact.
Let’s start sending local aid. Go back a couple of generations and some of these street people are your cousins, dad’s, moms, even brothers and sisters.
You would not let them kick you dog. Stand up for you fellow CANADIANS.
. Then things got to about where they are today.. slum lords made money, people lived in places that would be unfit for animals, and we had the \Olympics. Guess what happened to the cheap rooms. Another coat of paint a chair and a bedspread and we welcomed the world, but the homeless had to stay out of the way, they were an embarrassment. The world raved about Vancouver and \Victoria and we hid our homeless.
Nature took it course. They developed families and children were born, the problem is in our schools now. The homeless children are mixing with your kids, of ” bugs” And now we have the homeless problem.
we have mental health issues, we have drug addiction.We have homeless.
Tell me, if you were sleeping on the street, had no home, your very bones hurt, you were in the depths of despair and a little pill or a smoke could make it go away for a few hours, would you do it? Are taking anti depressants, arthritis meds, painkillers for that darn back? Then you are a druggy. The only difference is you started with a home.
That is the situation. NOW LETS START SOLVING IT..
Port Alberni has a program of acquiring old trailers and fixing them up and starting a trailer park for re homing. Mini villages can be created from those long haul trailer, Mini homes can be built.
BUT someone has to start…..
Go on.., I challenge you.


About Lea Wisdom

I am a fairly happy college educated, widow. A mother of two dependent dogs and successfully raised 6 children to adults I am a science and history loving nerd by nature, print junkie, yarn hording, spinning, weaving,coffee drinking, hand and machine knitting student of life. I make my living from Income Tax Preparations, and the sale of fibre produced goods. Knitting Dryer balls, felting, and yarn. I work with sheep and alpaca fibres and I am constantly learning. I feel like a sponge. There are so many interesting things to learn and do. I hope I have enough time to try them all. I am fortunate that my sons encourage me to try everything that peeks my interest. I have friends who help me learn. Thank you . All of you. Not a complicated person. What you see is what you get. I love the Lord, my family, my country and my friends. I believe we all have the right to dignity. And we only have one trip through life.Let's make the most of it.

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