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God has a sense of humour


God has a sense of humour when he decides 2 people are meant to be.
I was a divorce with 2 children. My ex husband had been a mechanic with kleptomania.

There was enough stuff in my basement to build a D8 Cat.
Friends from my church came over and we boxed all the stuff.

And I put an add in the paper so I could sell the stuff and reclaim my basement.
Well the only reply I got was from a fellow who could not afford to pay me.

He asked if he could secure it with $10 and pay it off monthly. I had no other customers, so I said yes.

I started to take his three sons to Sunday School and other Church outings.He made me promise not to convert them.Sierra Exif JPEG

I promised but did not promise anyone else would not convert them. I am pleased to say they all accepted the Lord.
By this time Jim had fallen in love with me, his boys adored me, and I was fostering tender feelings for him.
I could not be unequally yoked so would not accept his proposal of marriage.
More time went by. Things started getting very difficult for Jim, One of my friends said she was fed up reasoning with him, she would stand back and let the Lord sort him out while she prayed. He phoned me one day,said “tell Sue to stop praying, I am ready already.”. Jim accepted the Lord. With the backing of our Baptist Church members we married.

So now I had a new husband 3 more sons and all the junk I had sold to him, and never got paid for, but got his junk as well.
We had twenty wonderful years together until cancer claimed him.
But as a dedicated neat freak, I married four of the most unorganized male creatures, with all their junk. So you can’t tell me God does not have a sense of humour.

Sierra Exif JPEG

Sierra Exif JPEG


On the journey to wellness


I have written about the accident I had in the store on the 27th Oct. I am still fighting to regain my health and mobility.2012-10-27 22.56.22

My leg was  damaged, my finger broken and my back severally injured.

I was in a wheel chair, then a walker and finally a walking stick. I am now walking slowly, but on my own power.dammaged leg

My frustration was coupled by the fact I had bought several fleece and had my loom warped set  to go and I could do neither I hobbled around hand

knitting from my stash of

weft one

hand spun and managed to get through ill Christmas.

The rubber hit the road when My family bought me and my son tickets to Smithers as a Christmas gift. I had a bit of a night mare journey up their and their kindness accommodated to my disability.

2012-12-25 10.16.10

I had heard of the Bowen Therapy and I had a friend who was a practitioner in Duncan, Nanaimo and Chemainus.

I phone her and we set up an appointment.

The movements were so gentle and subtle that wonders how this will ever help a person.

The first thing I notice on the journey, was that the following day. Felt worse than I had before taking the appointment.

The following day, I noticed the pain and stiffness in my legs were slowly getting better, movement was easier  I could do a bit of house work and bath without a helper.
During the following days, nothing really seemed to be happening. However Melayne Walker, the therapist, had mentioned that my hamstrings were tight.

Yesterday, I found they were loose and easy to stretch.

The back is starting to respond   I cannot touch my toes and bend or carry yet, but the pain is less. I have been med free for 3 days now. I noticed when I had the treatment , that my spine was warm up to the area that hurt, there I could feel my pulse quite strongly.
I have another appointment on Monday so stay tuned and join me on my journey. If you want to talk to Melayne and take the first step to wellness look at her website.

Day 6.

Well I pushed the envelope today. I couldn’t sleep last night. I had a raging thirst. ( this will not surprise Melayne)I went to the hockey tournament and was on duty for 4 hours in a hard chair.

I took some dryer balls to needle felt.Sierra Exif JPEG

I may have to take a pain pill tonight.

I have my next appointment on Monday. Stay tuned to hear about the results.

Day 7.

I slept in this  Am. That is until two wet noses decided they had enough of that.

I did another 4 hour shift at CARHA today, but this time I walked around he little press booth  every half hour. This was much better. Not so hard on the back. Each year I do radio support for the tournament and each year it falls on my birthday.
I tease the organizer that they will have to put a candle in the timbits they give me ( They always have a box of timbits in our  station.) They use every ice rink in the greater Victoria Region.

I had told them I could not carry the radio sett up up and down the stairs, so I walked into an operating station.

When Neil came to take my station down  he brought me a cinnamon bun. Complete with candle2013-01-20 16.12.15

Week 2 day 1.

I was really disoriented when I had finished my therapy today. I put my pants on inside out, twice!

Then I straightened out, found myself very thirsty and very hungry.

I have more energy and more ambition than I have had for some time.

The pain in the back is ABSENT when I am sitting. I will see where we go from her.

Three things though: the balls of my feet hurt. I have a medium mild headache, my sinuses are pouring into the back of my throat.

Day 2. No head ache today. clear and feeling well. pain in back a bearable degree so no pain medication. The sinuses  are still draining but more slowly. Still thirsty so drinking water , and most of the night was spent either going to the bathroom or clearing flem from my throat. Seems like my body is ridding toxins.

Great energy today. No pain on standing. I cooked an elegant oyster dinner standing up. Things are getting better by leaps and bounds.

Day 3. Pain in the right kidney area. bearable. The legs are doing well. I have energy and enthusiasm for life. No more dizzy spells’

The thirst has slacken though I am still drinking lots of water. Still optimistic about full recovery.

I will be two weeks before my next appointment.
Later that afternoon. Melayne, you forgot to give me the slow sign. I felt so good, I cleaned, house, made bread, Spun 2 skeins of wool on the spinning wheel, went routing in the shed for fleece. Washed 2 sinks of fleece. Made 30 dryer balls. Washed the dog and made the bed.
Now I am in a bunch of pain. I kind of think I did too much.

Day 4 Did some spinning today. Not as tired. Still have moderate pain in the back. but controlled without pills., slept well last night.

can bend and walk, no dizzy spells.

Day 5. Did not do a lot today other than knit. No pain. I had blocks made for my Chesterfield that raised it 4 inches. It sure make getting up and down easier. But it has confused Chelsea.

Day 6. Felt great so I went all out ripping rags for rugs, crocheting mats, walking dogs, then the Hammer dropped back pain unremitting. I was in bed by 8:30. Did not expect so much pain. Get I should take my time.

Day 7. Pain still there but not so bad. Taking things very carefully today.

I have asked for some help ripping sheets. Sometimes you need to ask for a bit of help. Thanks John .

Day 12 week 2.. no change other than the unremitting back pain.

Four Women and a Man with Warped Minds.


Anyone who has followed my log has read about

Lorna Margaret (Colwell) Allen.  She is the author of “Thursday Daughter”and has donated the loom and accessories to the Saanich Historical Artifacts Society. Well we got the loom from the attic and had a good look at it.

Oh dear. It need a lot of TLC. It had rotten cords, a busted shaft, no hoImageImageImageImageoks for the treadles, of course no manual.

Catherine Mick

Then we got some terrific help from  Member’s of the Victoria Hand Weavers and \Spinners in the was of Catherine Mick and Della Wilkins and Glen and Judy Moores from Deep Cove Spinners and weaver.

Over the last couple of weeks, we have scrubbed, repaired, and got a starting a warp on the the loom.. Soon I was looking  around the museum to see what else could fit into our display.

I found a 70 year old ironing board, made by a fellow for his wife, An iron, that you build a little fire in it and it gas a chimney. There is a  dressed dummy with an 1800 taffeta gown


Then I found a prefect 1850 Bell Sewing Machine made in 1850 in Montreal. A  galvanized tun, that would do for washing fleece in the old days, Some awesome posters from the BC Museum and a woven chair,
A couple of comfortable chairs, for the knitters who may be there, two spinning wheels, wool winders, swifts, It grows and grows.
It is exciting to see the domestic arts being celebrated.

Out big opening will be at the 15th of September where we are hopeful that

Lorna Margaret (Colwell) Allen will be there to cut the ribbon.

We  have a couple of rug hook frames, so we need some tools and it would be great to get a quilting frame in the “Loft ” also. That is for the future.

Fibrations: Bright Colour and Warm Friendships


The big day  finally got here. I packed the car, with my sons help  on Saturday.

We followed the well presented map ( Thanks Stephanie and Ryan) and headed for the Orchard in St Ann’s Academy.

We arrived just after 8 and it was a bee hive of activity.

Ewan packed out tent, tables, boxes and bags and my First Aid Gear.

We had a good spot just about  centre of the venue.

It wasn’t long until we had out table set up.

Joanne Burton was there to help look after my table if we had a First Aid call. She brought some charming monkeys all knitted and a variety of colour.

Soon my friend Trish arrived. I knew her immediately. I hadn’t seen her for 45 years or more .

Our mothers were best friends and shared a love of garage sales and Flea Markets. They had a table beside each other every Saturday at the Girl Guide Hall in Duncan.

We re met on the internet when she read about my Sifton Wheel.

She had just acquired  a similar wheel and was having a few problems with it.

In subsequent we discovered the connection to our mothers. We also discovered we were both fibre-holics and we both  were named the same.

We both had worked as nurses, loved rodents ( kept rats as pets). There are other things to many to mention,  but it seems like we are sisters from other mothers.

She immediately dumped her stuff after a hug and headed out to see the site. ( She is from Youbou) so the big city is a major journey for her. I am from Langford and it challenges me at times.

Soon we were spinning side by side with our work horse wheels.

I thought her some basics about needle felting and she told me about combining colours to get astounding shades

She had brought some wonderful fleece she had dyed and gifted me with it.

The scope of items were mind boggling, many needle felters this year, lots of dyed yarn, turned wood articles, jeweler, enchanting children and folks with their dogs.

I didn’t see what she had tucked away in her carry sack LOL. But it looked like she had found some treasures.

She fell in love with a couple of wheels that she tried and I expect we will see some wonderful things coming from  Youbou soon.

We both got some lovely dyes, and Trish had provided me with “recipes ” for making a variety of colours.

The neat thing was, leaving first, Trish forgot her hat.

Home is where you hand your hat Trish, so we will see you soon.

What a wonderful job you did Stephanie and Ryan of Notty by Nature. ( Looking forward to Fibrations 2013.

Photograph courtesy Trish  Waddington

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coming Events JDF andd VGWSG


This is not an official calendar, It is pieces I have gathered as I attended events.

Red is JDF

Black is VGWSG

Wed Apr 18 10:00am – 4:00pm Consider the Lillies – OLD ST. MARY’S 4355 METCHOSIN RD    JDF

Thu Apr 19 10:00am – 4:00pm Consider the Lillies – OLD ST. MARY’S 4355 METCHOSIN RD   JDF

7:30pm – 9:30pm MONTHLY MEETING – Elk Lake Baptist Church at 5349 Patricia Bay Highway in Saanich    VGWSG

Fri Apr 20 10:00am – 4:00pm Consider the Lillies – OLD ST. MARY’S 4355 METCHOSIN RD      JDF

Sat Apr 21 9:00am – 4:00pm William Hodge Design Workshop – Gordon Head Lawn Bowling Club    VGWSG

10:00am – 4:00pm Consider the Lillies – OLD ST. MARY’S  4355 METCHOSIN RD
Sun Apr 22 12:00pm – 4:00pm Consider the Lillies – OLD ST. MARY’S 4355 METCHOSIN RD
Mon Apr 23 7:00pm – 8:00pm The Cottage Crafts  4430 Happy Valley Road7:00pm – 9:00pm

Knit Cafe is Tuesday the 24th from 1-3-       4430 Happy Valley Road
Tue Apr 24 7:00pm – 8:30pm Drop-In meeting (informal) – Victoria Centre for Community Living, 3861 Cedar Hill Cross Road, Victoria, BC, Canada
Mon Apr 30 1:00pm – 3:00pm Knit Cafe – 4430 Happy Valley Road
Thu May 3 7:00pm – 8:30pm Executive Committee Meeting – Executive Committee Member

May 19 – 20.   The 149th (now that’s impressive) Victoria Highland Games and Celtic Festival will take place at Topaz Park on

More information at the Victoria Handweavers and Spinners Guild

And the Deep Cove Spinners and weavers Guild

Needles and Pushers


Needles and Pushers

I have  been addicted to needles and pushers for about  60 years now.

 Before the pushers there were just the needle. I guess I could be called and addict.

When I was 4 or 5 my mother introduced me to needles. They were long and British style. made of bone and fitted under my chubby arms and I would knit little squares.

Then I would knit sweaters for my dolls with my needles.
 I soon learned that I had to start the sleeves first, or my lazy mind would take over and I would knit a lit of vest. Disciple is what I needed.

By the time I was in Grade 6, I was knitting my own sweater. And I   still starting with the sleeves.
 I was delighted when a new fashion came in that called for a thick wooden needle in one hand, and a ordinary size needle in the other, producing a lacy sort of cardigan and sweater.

About the same time I discovered the sewing needle. I loved these needles. You could see results far more quickly by sewing two pieces of cloth together.

After a few years of plying my needle by hand, we acquired Singer treadle machine.

What joy! What progress!

I could make a skirt in a couple of hours with a newspaper and pencil and some cloth.
The newspaper and pencil was to make my pattern.

 We couldn’t afford bought patterns so it was a home made job. And to tell the truth, they were pretty darn good.
Sometimes, I would lay on the floor and Mom would trace around me. That was the beginning of a dress or blouse.
Mom was the same way.
 If we saw something in a store we liked, she would measure it with her hand and fingers, much like a horseman measures a horse, and in 2 days, it was complete.

The other things that I learned were  patience and perseverance. If anyone has owned a treadle machine and those bullet shaped bobbins and the tension control will believe in fairies.
 Bad ones that change the tension and time they were feeling frisky, or if things were progressing too well.

I progressed through Home Economics and found the joys of both patterns and electric sewing machine. A small battle with my teacher when I picked a dress and small cape, and she wanted to start me on an apron. I won and got an A+.

My mom and I started the Cowichan Valley Basting belles. A sewing 4-H club. It was great.

The first year, The Archie Stevenson trophy for the  Seamstress of the Year was a boy. Richard Meyer.

After the death of my daughter, Megan,  Mrs Joan Meyer and her daughter took over the club. It has acquitted itself well in competitions all over BC with a solid reputation for excellence.

I was still knitting by hand. Often using the string pattern method in lieu of patterns. This is where you take a piece of string, put a knot where the length would be. Another double knot around the chest, and further 3 or 4 knots for the sleeve length and cuff size.

Then  I learned I was going to be a grandmother.

I bought my first punch card Knitting machine, complete with all the accessories like hooks, and needles, needle pushers, books and punch cards.

The same time I bought my Knitting machine from Joyce’s Knits in Ladysmith, She lived across the road. She purchased a computer at the same time and I am considered a bit of a geek, so we ended up with a pathway worn between the houses and with a great deal of knowledge between us.

I upgraded to a Brother 970, a Brother 270, a garter carriage and a whole lot of  other toys.

I knitted a 3 piece suit for my son’s wedding as well as a few layettes. A number of sweaters for myself and the rest of the family.

I am now spinning with machine knitting in mind.
I haven’t knitted anything hand spun yet, but soon…..

3 piece suit I designed and knitted for my sons wedding


So that is how my life  became a  journey of pushers and needles…….
 I guess someday, I will have an intervention, but til then, I will just keep pushing the needles.


How I Felt Today


How I Felt Today

Well what a sight for happy eyes. Colour, texture, lace, silk, fleece, wool, silk, luxury.
The whole table full of beautiful fibres, flowing and floating around.Laurie Steffler  had graciously visited the
Victoria  Handweavers  and Spinners Guild..and introduce us tp some of the articles in her collection from her Gallery.

In Lauries words felting involves :”Fiber fushion and the nuno felting technique is so exciting to work with. Felting merino wool and specialty fibers with silk fabric creates luxurious art to wear. Its fun to explore because of its infinite creative design possibilities. Playing with colour,
creating images or being abstract and fusing other fibers in with the wool always provides wonderful results. We lay out our designs and then use hot water, soap and agitation.”

I have been dabbling in felting, both wet felting and needle felting.
 It is liberating and exciting..
You start with lace, or silk, or chiffon. Add merino, or a drab of silk, stir in a large amount of free thinking and imagination.You can create gowns, shawls,hats, vest and blouses as light as a feather that float around you like a dream on a warm summer night.

There is so much to show. Please look at her sight, or better still visit her studio or in the Summer at the Salt Spring Market
One of her many  skills is that of hat making.
 It is pure genius to see how she she takes fibre and creates hats with no seams.
 Even more enchanting is the way she refreshes her wardrobe.
 She will felt and reshape a hat, over dye a shirt or vest, chap a piece up and add it to a fresh creation.
This can only come from a deep love of the art and colours on the West coast.
 She notes that if she  had her way, she would kayak around the Island, stopping to create what the day would lead us to in our soul then paddle off in the mists of the coast.
You can start with some needle felting. It is very inexpensive to start and their are course at Laurie’s and other places likeNotty by nature

Google for free patterns for felting, both wet felting and needle felting.This young lady gives and excellent demonstration on how to make a felt hat. 

There are some excellent video workshops for free on You tube.
So far all I have sold are my felted dryer balls, but I have my eye on the bigger picture. I have a good book, needles, imagination, and who knows how I felt tomorrow.