Personal Income tax

539149_332299870195926_1956301825_n (1) Using Industry standard software 2017.

Also can do previous years taxes and bring you up to date

Phone 250 391 7809     or email

Evening appointment available for your convenience.

FAX  250 391 7809 or mail in also considered.

preparation is priced at $45 and includes:

  • T4’s
  • T5’s
  • T4(P)
  • • T(OAP)
  • WCB
  • T4RSP
  • • Charitable Donation
  • • Medical Expenses
  • • Child care
  • GST Application
  • • E-filed

For a Spouse living in the same household, the price is $30 and includes the same items as above, however we will evaluate how the couple benefit from the deductions that are allowed to be shared or claimed by one of the couple. This included pension income splitting for Seniors. Both returns are E-filed

For a Child in the same household or at Post Secondary School we do the same basic service plus transfer of education amounts to a parent, bus fare, tuition and tuition interest pay back, education
refund credit, the fee will be $25

We do rentals and small business at a cost of $15 extra for each rental or business. This applies only if the total are prepared. If accounting or partial accounting is required, we charge $35 an hour.

We also claim appropriate: meal allowances, room and lodging and Northern living allowance


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